This product is considered as a luxury and fancy valve.

Iranian National Standard Certificate, CE Certificate from Nobel Company of England and 5 years warranty and unconditional after-sales service.

Its trunk is made of analyzed brass alloy with less than 2.5% lead and its plating thickness is 11 microns in accordance with existing standards. All its components are produced according to the standard and are resistant to temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, so that it has no effect on the appearance of the product and the color and taste of water will not change. Its pistol hose is of single base type with internal pipe made of Pax. Due to having a 110 mm connection pipe and a handful of underlayment, it can be easily installed. This product has a plotter that reduces water consumption and better spraying due to the ability to combine water with air.

attention :

1- Consumption of detergents and chemicals causes the product plating coating to disappear, so to wash it, use a solution of soap and water or vinegar.

2- The presence of dirt and debris in the pipes, especially during the replacement of plumbing and building repairs, causes damage to the product cartridge, so before installing the valve, transfer water from the pipes for a few seconds to remove all soil particles and dirt. .

Product specification

  • weight: 900g
  • faucet type: by lever
  • Specifications of pistol hose: 55 cm with steel cover and 1/2 brass connection nut
  • Number in carton: 4