Mardoni mortar spraying machine

code color size price
T6020 - weight:350kg,lenght:1900mm,width:1300mm,height:1500mm 3570USD
0 1

Soft sprayer

code color size price
T5 - weight:75kg,lenght:1240mm,width:1260mm,height:1130mm USD
1 1

plastering machine

code color size price
T4 - weight:250kg,lenght:1200mm,width:700mm,height:1260mm 6142USD
2 1

Multipurpose piston shotcrete machine

code color size price
T13-b2 - weight:720 kg,lenght:1650m,width:1350mm,height:1350mm EXW
3 1

Manufacturer of all kinds of shuttering machines, mortar spraying, cement spraying, plastering
Has 15 years of experience

Product specification

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