hand chopper

code color size price
pla-tab001 ---- Three blades,five blades ----
0 1

Elegance Breakfast Set

code color size price
pla-tab002 ---- elegans,classic ----
1 1

children table and chair

code color size price
pla-tab003 ---- table and chair,single chair ----
2 1

wheel box

code color size price
pla-tab004 pink,gray,yellow,white simple,Patterned ----
3 1

liter bucket

code color size price
pla-tab005 ---- 5 liter, 25 liter, 12 liter ----
4 1

Citrus juice

code color size price
pla-tab006 pink,blue lina,christal ----
5 1

Tehran Plastic Taba Company (TAPCo) founded in 2001 and has begun the manufacturing of plastic pieces since then. The manager of the company brings continuous and rapid development into the company due to his background of 30 years working in plastic industries. Currently TAPCo has expert and experienced personnel working at various departments to provide products according to international standards to the local and international markets. TAPCo has the capacity to manufacture more than 7 million pieces per a year for industrial and non-industrial purposes by 58 tonnes and 1300 tonnes modern Injection Mould Machines. TAPCo has cooperated with many automotive and domestic suppliers for manufacturing of plastic injection pieces; in order to do so, TAPCo’s technicians has designed and produced different moulds for vast variety of uses. In recent years, TAPCo has fully equipped laboratory and brought in high quality mould machines in order to satisfy customer’s needs and also to improve the quality of the products. TAPCo has gained several international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 from TUV INTERCERT and CE.

Product specification

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