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Humans are always waiting for the blessings and blessings of heaven, i.e. snow and rain, in order to benefit. And they ask God for divine mercy, but shouldn't this desire of man have a container, acceptance, and a ready bed? So that its abundance does not cause damage!

We look at the turbulence and the sound of the flood until it subsides and all the commotion turns into a reflective silence that invites me to think.

Many times I go to welcome what he brought with him and I look at Selab's works from the perspective of a human being who can heal the pains of others with his art.
Sticky mud, which is necessary for the pottery profession and making figures of different sizes, along with broken trunks and stems of trees and sometimes burned and half-burned wood, stoves for food and tea, nature tourists and shepherds who are having fun on the upper reaches of the river. It can be seen that they were
I mix mud and wood so that there is a slight shock to the audience and from what has caused him pain and suffering, forms are formed in which life flows.
 What is happening is the combination of materials and materials that the flood brought with it from far away and turned into figures and figures that are visible in your view to invite me and you and future generations to reflect.


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