Disposable Oxygen Mask (Pediatric)

code color size price
310002 - 120x60x60 mm EXW
0 1

Respiratory anesthesia

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312000 - The diameter of 22 smoothbore pipes is 150 cm EXW
1 1

Disposable Laryngeal Mask Airway

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330000 - size3:30-50kg,size4:50-70kg EXW
2 1


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315000 - - EXW
3 1

High Quality Printing Paper

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318000 - - EXW
4 1


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314000 - 22*12 CM EXW
5 1

Gostran Paradis Part Health Company, seeing the indiscriminate import of some foreign respiratory and anesthesia products and of course of low quality, as well as the widespread need of people and medical centers for essentials
Medical consumption entered the field of production.

oxygen therapy

It is a method of respiratory care that
It is given when there is a respiratory problem
be made In oxygen therapy, oxygen flow
with a higher concentration than usual to the body
The patient's vital signs are delivered.
The lungs naturally take in oxygen from the air
attract, but the conditions in some
Diseases from not getting enough oxygen
prevents. Oxygen therapy
It ensures that the person performs better and
be more active Generally
Oxygen therapy in different ways
Low current and high current systems
is done

Product specification

  • Made in: Iran