Dish Washing Liquid

code color size price
san-det-pak01 orange,green,pink,red big,medium ----
0 1

Hair Removal Powder

code color size price
san-det-pak02 red,yellow,green big,small,medium ----
1 1

Glass Cleaner Liquid & Bleaching Liquid

code color size price
san-det-pak03 white,red,green,blue,purple 4kg,10kg,20kg ----
2 1

Bath Soap

code color size price
san-det-pak04 green,purple,blue,orange,white 120grams,75grams,90grams ----
3 1

PFJ Soap Powder

code color size price
san-det-pak05 ---- 5kg,10kg ----
4 1

Perfume and Cologne

code color size price
san-det-pak06 ---- 20ml,30ml,50ml ----
5 1

with continuous efforts to employ specialized and efficient forces and also to equip and supply the collection with modern machine tools and using the best technology, an effort to create and transform an unprecedented and Unique in the field of producing all kinds of cosmetics and detergent products with design and package It has a modern clause with the trade name Pajman.
We hope to create a bright future for the health industry of dear Iran with new steps.

Product specification

  • made by: iran