ayon 48 W

code color size price
elec-meh01 ---- ---- ----
0 1

ayon 96 W

code color size price
elec-meh02 ---- ---- ----
1 1

ayon 150 W

code color size price
elec-meh03 ---- ---- ----
2 1

ayon 144 W

code color size price
elec-meh04 ---- ----
3 1

Mehr Afarin Lighting Company of Pars started to produce a new generation
New street lights and projectors with a diecast body
has done
According to the needs of the market, this set has two series of lights
It produces modular AC and DC.
The lights produced with DC module have a warranty of 2 to 4 years
and have the longest lifespan. the door
The production of these lights uses trust drivers and modules
Its with BRIDGELUX, OSRAM brand SMDs
have been produced.

Light efficiency and high quality are the most obvious features of this type of lights is.
AC series lights are produced with DOB modules and from one
They have a one-year warranty. Our engineers do their best
They have used themselves to optimize the design and
Use of quality parts as much as possible power fluctuations
Control the entrance and prevent possible damage.
In the production of these types of lights, efforts have been made to maintain
Quality, economic and affordable price is also considered be taken.

Product specification

  • made by: iran