Comfortable leather shoes with a very short heel

code color size price
sho-sha001 black ---- ----
0 1

Max design sports shoes

code color size price
sho-sha002 black ---- ----
1 1

Comfortable slippers

code color size price
sho-sha003 Black ,cream ---- ----
2 1

Women's comfortable shoes without laces

code color size price
sho-sha004 black ---- ----
3 1

Shafa teb novin Co.

A new attitude in medical sandal shoe industry

Production and distribution of medical orthopedic sandals throughout Iran

More than 1 decade of providing products with variety and high quality

We are proud to be the top entrepreneur for 3 consecutive years

Has a patent certificate as the first manufacturer of diabetic shoes with the efficiency of new technology


Product specification

  • type: medical shoes