Microscope slide

code color size price
par-hea001 ---- ---- ----
0 1

Universal Case

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par-hea002 ---- ---- ----
1 1

plus rack

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par-hea003 ---- ---- ----
2 1

Classic Incubator PIT115

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par-hea004 ---- ---- ----
3 1

High Speed Universal Centrifuge, Premium 20000R (Cooled)

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par-hea005 ---- ---- ----
4 1

Danesh Banyan Paul Ideal Pars Company (P.I.P) holds ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificates and ISO 17025 laboratory qualification certificate with more than three decades of experience in the production, distribution and sale of medical and laboratory products in It works to promote the health of society.

This company started its activity in this field by bringing together experienced managers and experts, along with using financial resources and the latest new methods in business knowledge, including the production, import and export of medical and laboratory equipment.

The quality of products, services, evolution and development of the company with the attitude of improving health and treatment, has been able to provide the trust and support of the medical community and a laboratory for Pars ideal bridge complex.

The basis of activity of Paul Ideal Pars Company is the supply of various products with global standard quality and customer satisfaction. This collection has always been trying to continue its growing movement with a coherent and systematic plan to improve this quality level and ensure customer satisfaction. For this purpose, by expanding its network of distributors in different provinces through more than 270 agencies, it has been able to cover the entire country with its services.

Product specification

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