Scalp Vein

code color size price
med-hel01 ---- ---- ----
0 1

Unibody Insulin Syringe

code color size price
med-hel02 ---- ---- ----
1 1

Disposable Needle

code color size price
med-hel03 ---- ---- ----
2 1

Infusion Set

code color size price
med-hel04 ---- ---- ----
3 1

Bespar Sanat Fakher Company was established in 2010 with the aim of producing polymer and consumable medical equipment with the participation of a group of university professors and industry owners. The founders of this company continued their work with the idea of ​​producing all kinds of consumable polymer medical equipment and trying to employ the competent and educated youth of this country.


Different syringes with different uses and transferring fluids to the patient's body

It includes the serum set, which transfers fluids to the patient's body, and the microset, which is a means of accurately transferring fluids to the patient's body

Patient urine collection bag in different sizes 1000, 2000, etc

Product specification

  • made by: iran