Samavar Kalamzani service

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Samavar Kalamzani service

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Minakari samovar service

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Turquoise brass samovar service

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Nut container

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pastry dish

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Over the centuries, the handicrafts of Isfahan have been introduced as representatives of authentic Iranian art in the world.
This is why Isfahan is known as the cradle of Iranian handicrafts, because we see the signs of taste, art and beauty in the structures of Isfahan.
Professor Mohammad Hassan Aghajani started his activity from his childhood with his father, Professor Haj Mohammad Reza Aghajani, one of the top masters of the art of bending and bending.

Since he was a teenager, he mastered all the techniques of samovar making, dovating and bending, and started working independently since the end of 1369.
In spite of his mastery in the professions of weaving and bending, he is also the owner of style in the field of samovar making.
Since 1370, he has been under the supervision of related handicraft organizations, including:
Dovatgaran Union, Handicrafts Organization and Handicrafts Union are active.
Also, he is the first and only producer of copper nails for the infrastructure of inlay work, enamel work, turquoise painting, painting and engraving on copper.
and you can easily find his works in all the reliable handicraft shops of the country.
Also, it has been successful in the field of exporting handicrafts to Italy, Australia, Germany and Canada, and the production and export potential is also there
Hasan Aghajani's collection stands out.

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