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Systemic Insecticide

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Terribenrone methyl poison

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Emulsifying oil

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Iran Chemical Products Production Company (former Polycom) was established in 1346 under the name Samkar as the first agricultural pesticide manufacturing company in the country, and by changing its name to Polycom, it continued its activities in the field of producing agricultural inputs and became one of the largest companies in the country. Producers in the field of making all kinds of agricultural poisons and fertilizers in different formulations.

All kinds of vegetable pesticides: this company, as the first producer of agricultural pesticides in the country, initially started manufacturing and formulating pesticides under the license of the American (cyanamide) company, and currently it is also producing all kinds of agricultural pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides). and fungicide) in accordance with the formulations under the supervision of the country's plant protection organization and international organization and standards in its agenda and supplies to the target markets.

Emulsifiable oil with the brand Volk92: it is one of the widely used pesticides in the field of agriculture. This company was the first and for many years the only producer of the above product, and this product is particularly popular among farmers. It has been the first manufacturer of liquid fertilizer in the country under the brand name of Zarbar and under the license of the German company (Eglocon). This product is also one of the best-selling products of the company in the types of ordinary Zarbar, Super Zarbar, special Zarbar (Citrus Zarbar, Rice Zarbar, Zarbar) Pistachio, tomato sorghum, summer sorghum, etc.) iron fertilizer (under Hungarian license) is supplied to agricultural areas.

Health and household poisons under the name of Ngon Sar: This company produces and markets health poisons in aerosol, powder, granule, liquid, emulsion and microemulsion formulations under the Ngun Sar brand under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and in accordance with international standards. to do

Luxury products: this company is the first manufacturer of artificial snow with the Shadi Barf brand in the country, and this company also produces other products such as computer cleaner spray, computer cleaner, plant leaf polisher, car tire polisher and washer, etc. to do Iran Chemical Products Production Company (Polikam) is a producer of all kinds of pesticides, sanitary and liquid fertilizers, established in 1346.


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