Natural whitening toothpaste

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hyg-alf001 ---- ---- ----
0 1

Natural fluoride-free children's toothpaste (minion)

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hyg-alf002 ---- ---- ----
1 1

Alfadent children's toothpaste

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hyg-alf003 ---- ---- ----
2 1

Anti-allergic toothpaste

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3 1

The ingredients in Alfadent whitening toothpaste remove plaque and plaque on your teeth and give your teeth whiteness and shine. In addition, Alfadent whitening toothpaste prevents cavities and stains on your teeth and gives beauty to your smile. The distinctive feature of all models of Alfadent toothpaste is the creation of breath freshness and mouthwash with high durability. Alfadent whitening toothpaste can be used daily and about 98% of its ingredients are natural.

This is a gluten-free toothpaste

Active Ingredients: Alphapainen and Sodium Fluoride


Contains natural preservative, natural antimicrobial, natural flavor, triclosan free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral whitening and no harmful abrasive effects, whitening, tooth brightening, anti-decay, enamel strengthening and protective, gluten free, No paraben

Product specification

  • weight: 110 g
  • Suitable for: more than 6 years
  • Food and Drug Hygiene Code: 10945/41
  • The naturalness of the product: 98 %
  • taste: fresh
  • Chemical preservative: doesnt have