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Microset is a device that acts as an interface between the body and the chamber containing injectable fluids and is used for the slow transfer of fluids containing medicinal or food substances to the body. It is used to prescribe specific and precise volume of medicines and herbal solutions.

It is for patients who need to inject medicine or intravenous solution. Mechanism of system operation: remove the protective cap of the spike, insert the spike into the solution chamber, hang the chamber on the base, open the upper and lower roller clamp, and let the solution flow into the graduated tank of the flush tube and the tube to expel the air inside the tube. then close the clamp. Connect the end of the set to the angiect or scalpel vein. Adjust the flow rate using the lower roller clamp. Before use, make sure that the connection points are strong and that the protective caps are not separated.

This device is used to establish the connection of several routes with each other, so that different substances can be connected from a patient's blood route by opening and closing the valve in different directions with the blood flowing in a patient's vessel without the need to use from multiple vessels.

Limitations of the use of the device:

1- Do not use for injecting light-sensitive intravenous fluids and blood or blood-forming components.

2- The product cannot be reused.

3- It cannot be used if the packaging is damaged or wet.

Product specification

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