All types of switches and sockets

code color size price
elec-ir001 ---- m7,m4,m3,m2 ----
0 1

Types of classic switches and sockets

code color size price
elec-ir002 ---- flora,arka,parma-s ----
1 1

All kinds of crystal model keys

code color size price
elec-ir003 black,white,red,beige ---- ----
2 1

Types of built-in fuse boxes

code color size price
elec-ir004 ---- 8 numbers of Elysee, 12 numbers of Elysee, 8 numbers of Iran, 12 numbers of Iran, 16 numbers of Iran, 24 numbers of Iran ----
3 1

Iran Electric is a pioneer in the switch and socket industry in 1361, targeting the current knowledge of all types of switches and sockets, all kinds of lines of research and development, design and engineering, molding, cold pressing, plastic injection, turning series, glass, plating or metal coating, lines Spraying of liquid paint, powder paint, assembly, quality control, etc. started working.

Product specification

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