Polymer pipes and fittings

code color size price
petr-et001 ---- Five-layer, single-layer, screw polyethylene, push fit, welded polyethylene, plica ----
0 1

All types of faucets

code color size price
petr-et002 ---- Cast iron, brass, control, steel ----
1 1

Metal fittings

code color size price
petr-et003 ---- Manisman, strong silent pressure, galvanized gear, black gear, black seam ----
2 1


code color size price
petr-et004 ---- Rubber, accordion ----
3 1

etesal fit company  with a brilliant and long history in the field of importing and distributing all kinds of seamed pipes, welded steel fittings, steel flanges, butterfly valves in different pressures, high pressure fittings, steel valves, brass valves, cast iron valves, galvanized fittings and shock absorbers. Industrial has provided any requirements in the field of mechanical facilities.

Product specification

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