? How to import

If you are an importer and looking to find a supplier or product in “alidadash”, please do as per below:

1-search for the products through the “search box " or go to categories  “All products “ To find the proper category for your needed products.

2-Please contact us through the contact form and mention your inquiry, either asking about price, quantity, stock availability, lead time, delivery time, or whatever you need to know about the mentioned product.

 You will be contacted back by the alidadash group as soon as possible to answer your questions and also, upon your request, to assist you to proceed with your import operation in the best and most possible efficient way. 

Alidadash people will stay by your side and fully support you through all your purchasing operations. The Alidadash team provides you with the local translation, guidance for technical affairs such as payment procedure, transportation, local product inspection and customs clearance.


For have connection with us  you can fill the "contact us" form in this link:

 contact us page