? How to export

If you are an exporter and need to present and export your products through the Alidadash website, you could simply contact us through a contact form and send us your 

Company and product information to be presented to customers (importers) all over the world.

Your company and products will be presented via the “alidadash “website throughout the world to customers (importers).

Upon receipt of an inquiry about your products from a customer (an importer), Alidadash personnel will inform you about the inquiry and demand the quantity of your product or services. 

 Alidadash personnel will help you through all your export procedures from A to Z ,to inform you of the details of necessary information for preparing preliminary documents ,and assist you with further requirements of exportation procedure such as transportation and customs clearance if necessary .  

For have connection with us  you can fill the "contact us" form in this link:

 contact us page